Gemfreely – Bugfix and Roadmap Update

Published: 2024-03-24T16:19:58+01:00

I have made a small update for gemfreely, and have some plans for the roadmap ahead. I've been thinking about how to implement comment sync, as well better ways of serving the blog.

🦠 Germ Update

gemfreely has been updated to 0.1.7 in order to integrate some bug fixes from the underlying Gemini protocol library: germ.

Germ – 🦠 The Definitive Gemini Protocol Toolkit

This is the library that powers Gemfreely's connection to Gemini and parsing of Gemfeeds. It's very easy to use, and has now been updated to allow better detection of MIME types (Atom vs Gemfeed, for example), and I can remove the kludge fix for emojis in title headings.

🛣️ Roadmap

The next major thing I want to add to gemfreely is the ability to sync comments coming in to the blog post from the Fediverse. This is somewhat difficult, because WriteFreely does not really do anything with replies to comments (it's a request feature). The recommended workaround is to add a separate account to the signature of the post, so that account gets notified by replies from other users. This is the path I will try first.

I have also been considering integrating Fluffer, an experimental Gemini web app SDK for Rust. This would allow gemfreely to run in an actual server mode, and act as a proxy to WriteFreely itself. I'm not sure how I'll apply that yet, though.

Fluffer – an experimental crate that aims to make writing Gemini apps fun and easy

License: CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Written by: @[email protected]