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Published: 2024-03-24T23:10:20+01:00


In the spirit of the small web, I have created a new section page about my favorite input device: the trackball mouse! Trackballs are a bit obscure in the modern age of touchpads and optical mice. But there is still a small yet dedicated group of computer users that use trackballs as their primary way of interacting with their machines. Personally, I switched to using a trackball along with a mouse a few years ago due to RSI and ergonomics issues. After trying 4 different trackballs, I finally found the perfect one for me.

For whatever reason, trackballs seem to be a bit more complicated when it comes to finding “the right one” compared to a mouse. Any mouse will do (though some are obviously better than others), but due to the way one holds a trackball, it needs to fit the hand “just right,” and the ball needs to move “just right,” and the buttons have to be within just the right distance.

My Perfect Trackball

My trackball of choice is the GameBall.

At risk of sounding like a shill for the GameBall, it truly is one of the best trackballs available. While its primary marketed use is gaming, it works perfectly fine for any regular computing task.

Other Brands

Other popular brands include Kensington and ELECOM. I can recommend both, although the ELECOM trackballs often have low-quality bearings that need replacing in order for the ball to move truly smoothly.

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